A message from Montgomery County Sheriff Bob Davis - Meth lab bust in Jonesburg - Drowning in lake - Woman 'asleep' at gas pump

Tuesday afternoon deputies, the Jonesburg chief of police and the Highway Patrol assisted the East Central Drug Task Force with serving a search warrant in Jonesburg. Two people in the residence were arrested and taken to the Montgomery County Jail. One person was later released, the other held on a $45,000 bond. An active meth lab and some finished product (methamphetamine) were seized.

On Friday a deputy was called to the intersection of Dayball Rd. & Garrett Rd. The caller stated a male subject had been out on a boat in a body of water nearby. The boat had capsized and the man had gone into the water but had not surfaced.  The State Water Patrol was contacted.  They were able to recover the body.

On Thursday, a deputy and a High Hill officer responded to a suicidal subject call at a New Florence gas station.  The subject reportedly had a knife and stated he wished to harm himself.  The knife was recovered.  The ambulance was called and the subject was transported to a hospital for evaluation.

A deputy assisted the new Florence police with an arrest at one of the gas stations at the Junction of 19 and 70. The suspect had fallen asleep at one of the gas pumps. When the officers approached the car they saw drug paraphernalia.  When they questioned the subject, she lied to the officers about her identity.  When a search of the vehicle was conducted, officers found marijuana and oxycodone.  She was arrested by the New Florence officer and taken to the Montgomery County Jail.

A man in the Jonesburg area picked up a person walking on a gravel road and gave him a ride. When the driver stepped out of the car to make a phone call the passenger slid into the driver's seat and put the vehicle in gear to drive away. The driver pushed the man out of the driver's seat and took him to a gas station in Jonesburg and called 911. Apparently the passenger had also stolen a vehicle he found with the keys in it in Warrenton. After talking to the suspect, deputies ascertained that the suspect had mental issues and he was taken to a hospital instead of jail.

A woman called in from the Hwy K area and said she wanted to commit suicide by shooting herself. The responding deputy found the woman sitting in a vehicle and was able to learn that she had a relative nearby. That person was called and talked the despondent woman into going by ambulance to the hospital.

Calls this week:
Alarm sounding - McKittrick
Assist Missouri State Highway Patrol - Jonesburg
Assist DFS - Bellflower
Burglary - Bellflower
Suspicious vehicle - Bellflower
Assist St. Charles - Danville
Motor vehicle accident - Jonesburg
Burglary - High Hill
Suspicious vehicle - New Florence
Animal complaint - Bellflower
Suspicious phone call - Middletown
Alarm sounding - New Florence
Traffic complaint- New Florence
Motor vehicle accident - Jonesburg
Phone harassment - New Florence
Civil stand by - Rhineland
Assist Jonesburg Police - Jonesburg
Alarm sounding - New Florence
Motor vehicle accident - Mineola
Assist Warren County - Jonesburg
Assist Drug Task Force - Jonesburg
Check wellbeing - Bellflower
Stealing - Middletown
Stealing - Bellflower
Stealing - Middletown
Suspicious person - Rhineland
Cows in roadway - Montgomery
Trespassing - New Florence

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