Montgomery County Arts Council

By Joan Treis

Whether you're an emerging artist or someone who appreciates the finer things in life,
the Montgomery County Arts Council most likely has a place for you.   Support of the newly created arts council can help promote the essential value of the arts in this area with music, dance, theater, literature,and visual arts. Studies show that the support of the arts in rural communities fosters cultural, educational, and economic vitality. 

Every type of creative expression creates a climate where all the arts can flourish and thrive, from the endearing folk arts such as basketry, weaving and spinning, pottery, and heritage culinary crafts to contemporary paintings and photography, from a community band to one finely written piece of poetry.

A Montgomery County Arts Council can help facilitate and coordinate a variety of art programs, and eventually develop a mission to enrich people’s lives through the promotion and presentation of the arts.  A viable arts council can become a voice for the arts community that covers the entire span of the county, and bring the arts to within easy reach by introducing programs that inspire, and entertain. 

It is my experience that an active rural arts council can do an outstanding job of keeping the arts blossoming, attract visiting artists for exhibits and workshops, and most importantly find ways to take art to the schools.

It is important to recognize that a community which encourages, supports and fosters the arts can empower its citizens to think, work and live creatively.  A Montgomery County Arts Council could work toward these goals and provide an enviroment in which the arts help lives prosper and because life is better where there is art.

The next meeting of the Montgomery County Arts Council will be held on Tues. Feb 12th at 6:30 at the MO Extension Office. For more information about the new arts council email

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